Business world

The secrets of successful entrepreneurs

The success of a business project can be explained by a strong and united team.

The essentials for launching
an online business

Invest in your brand image

Invest in your brand image

E-commerce can boost your sales. Strengthen your brand image to increase your sales.


Choosing an e-commerce platform

To choose the right e-commerce platform, take an interest in your competitors and make projections.

Plan your social media strategy

Plan your social media strategy

Implementing a good content strategy can increase blog traffic.

How to implement a go to market strategy ?

If you want to implement a GTM, you need to follow several steps. The first phase of a go to market strategy is to establish clear and measurable objectives. You also need to define your target audience and find strategies to reach them. Also consider studying your competitors, including their weaknesses and strengths, to decide how you will position yourself in the market.

Implementing a go-to-market strategy requires defining your value proposition. You also need to establish a launch plan. ALCIMED assists large industrial companies, start-ups, innovative SMEs and institutions in the health, technological and scientific sectors.

Company creation

The essential pillars for your

Market research

Market research

Convincing your investors

The business plan

The business plan

Balance sheet forecast

Balance sheet forecast

Market access strategy

Market access strategy for enterprises

The market access strategy is a group of decisions and actions developed by a company to enter a new market and generate a significant share. Exporting is one of the solutions that allow you access to new markets. The company sells products abroad by setting up a subsidiary or through distributors.

A company can apply to a foreign company for permission to market and produce items in its shop. It can also partner with the foreign company to set up a new joint subsidiary. The other entry strategy is to acquire a foreign company that is well established in the target market.

Keys to success

Communication strategy, the keys
to success !

Business growth

Best tips for growing your business
convallis vehicula

Sponsor an event

Sponsor an event

Sponsoring an event can boost your visibility. There are several categories of customizable events.

Interact online

Interact with your customers through online chats, using a powerful and targeted newsletter.

Organise a workshop

To promote your workshop, you can use local newspapers, use a social media strategy.